Following a decision to make a referral by their GP for specialist treatment, patients with private medical insurance or funds to cover the costs of private treatment can request a private referral with a specific consultant.

Private appointments allow more time to discuss your condition at the clinic visits and all the consultations and surgery will be carried out by the consultant personally.

Mr Sehat specialises in conditions of the knee and hip, including knee and hip replacements and surgery for hip impingement.

Information on the conditions treated are contained in the “information for patients” section (click here).

For the results and outcomes of knee and hip surgery in general and in our practice, click here.

To make an appointment to see Mr Sehat privately, please contact our private practice manager:

Samantha Russell
Tel: (0115) 896 7641

Postal address:

Samantha Russell,
Private Practice manager for Mr Sehat,
PHF Services Limited,
Castle Cavendish Works,
Dorking Road,
NG7 5PN.

Tel:  (0115) 896 7641
Fax: (0115) 896 7642

Gunthorpe Bridge

Private appointments locations:

If you have private medical insurance

Please contact your insurer initially to check that your specific policy will cover the specific referral and whether they will cover all of the costs. If you are insured with BUPA, AXA or the other major insurers, the fees will be fully covered by your policy.

If you are covering the costs of private treatment yourself (self-pay), the costs of private treatments are as follows:

Initial consultation (30 minutes): £180
Follow up appointment (20 minutes): £90
Surgical procedures – approximately £11,000 for a Knee Replacement or £10,400 for a Hip Replacement (all inclusive).